Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin is a British heavy metal/stoner rock band that was founded in 1995 in London. With their unique blend of heavy riffs and psychedelic grooves, they have become one of the most influential bands in the genre. Drawing inspiration from bands like *Alabama Thunderpussy*, *Fu Manchu*, and *Kyuss*, Orange Goblin has crafted their own distinct sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

Since their formation, Orange Goblin has released several critically acclaimed albums and toured extensively, solidifying their reputation as a powerhouse live act. Their energetic performances and charismatic stage presence have earned them a dedicated fan base that spans across continents.

With influences ranging from classic rock to doom metal, Orange Goblin's music appeals to a wide range of listeners. Fans of bands such as *Monster Magnet*, *Corrosion Of Conformity*, and *Witchcraft* will find themselves drawn to Orange Goblin's heavy soundscapes and infectious melodies.


Orange Goblin
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