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Red Axes

DJ and producer duo based in Tel Aviv, Israel, *Red Axes* are known for their unique blend of electronic music. With a passion for creating infectious beats and mesmerizing melodies, they have gained a dedicated following around the world. As founders of Garzen Records, *Red Axes* have become influential figures in the music industry. Drawing inspiration from various genres, their sound is often described as a fusion of house, techno, and indie dance. Their innovative approach to music production has earned them comparisons to artists such as Pional, Whitesquare, and Mano Le Tough. Whether performing live or producing tracks in the studio, *Red Axes* continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their distinctive style.

Some other artists that share a similar musical aesthetic with *Red Axes* include Talaboman, Lauer, Simple Symmetry, Moscoman, Autarkic,and Il Est Vilaine among others. These talented musicians all bring their own unique flavor to the electronic music scene.

*Red Axes* have collaborated with numerous artists throughout their career including Roe Deers,Kino Todo,Trikk,and Theus Mago,to name just a few.Their collaborations showcase their versatility as producers and highlight their ability to seamlessly blend different sounds together.


Red Axes
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