Richard Norris

Richard Norris is a British producer, musician, writer, DJ and mixer born on June 23, 1965 in London. With an impressive career spanning decades, he has made significant contributions to the music industry. As part of *Psychic TV* during the *Jack the Tab* era and as a founding member of *The Grid* alongside *Dave Ball*, Richard has proven his versatility and talent.

In addition to his previous projects, Richard is currently active with his project *Beyond The Wizards Sleeve*, collaborating with *Erol Alkan*. This collaboration showcases their unique style and creativity. Furthermore, Richard's expertise extends beyond performing as he served as an A&R consultant for the esteemed label *Eruption Records*.

It is important to note that Richard Norris should not be confused with another talented artist named *Richard T. Norris*. Interestingly enough, both artists were once members of a group called *Gold Star*.


Richard Norris
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