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Riverside is a Polish progressive metal rock band from Warsaw. Formed in 2001 by friends Piotr Grudziński and Piotr Kozieradzki, the band was later joined by Jacek Melnicki and Mariusz Duda. After Melnicki's departure, Michał Łapaj took his place. Tragically, Grudziński passed away in 2016, leading the band to continue as a trio in the studio but with guitarist Maciek Meller joining for live performances. In 2020, Meller became an official member of Riverside.

With their unique blend of progressive metal rock, Riverside has captivated audiences worldwide. Their music showcases intricate compositions and powerful melodies that push boundaries while maintaining a sense of emotional depth.

Influenced by artists such as Blackfield, Lunatic Soul, Steven Wilson, Gazpacho, and Porcupine Tree among others; Riverside has carved out their own distinct sound within the genre. Fans can expect a dynamic live experience filled with energy and passion when attending one of their shows.


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