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Hopeton Brown, better known as Scientist, is a Jamaican artist and protégé of King Tubby. He burst onto the reggae scene in the mid '70s with his unique mixing style. Starting his career at Studio One and later at Tubby's, he gained a reputation for his distinctive mixes. He became the principal engineer for Channel One Studio in 1982, working on a 16-track mixing desk. Scientist produced many albums in the early '80s, collaborating frequently with Roots Radics. His albums on Greensleeves Records were themed around fictional achievements like fighting Space Invaders and winning the World Cup.

Scientist's music was featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto 3 on K-Jah radio station. His fascination with King Tubby's exclusive style of mixing and sound effects led him to meet Tubby himself and become impressed by his electronic skills at a young age. This encounter inspired Scientist to build his own mixing console years later.

Contact: 1818-582-6734


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