Six Organs Of Admittance

Six Organs Of Admittance is the musical project of guitarist Ben Chasny. With a career spanning over two decades, Chasny has established himself as a prominent figure in the experimental folk and psychedelic rock genres. Known for his intricate guitar work and mesmerizing compositions, Six Organs Of Admittance creates music that transcends boundaries and explores new sonic territories. From delicate acoustic melodies to sprawling electric soundscapes, Chasny's unique blend of influences results in captivating and immersive listening experiences.

Throughout his discography, Six Organs Of Admittance has consistently pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved with a guitar. Chasny's virtuosic playing style combined with his innovative use of effects pedals and unconventional tunings create a distinctive sound that is instantly recognizable. His ability to seamlessly blend elements of traditional folk music with avant-garde experimentation sets him apart from other artists in the genre.

With numerous critically acclaimed albums under his belt, including "School of the Flower" and "Ascent," Six Organs Of Admittance continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Whether performing solo or collaborating with other musicians, Chasny's live performances are known for their intensity and raw emotion. As an artist who constantly evolves and pushes artistic boundaries, Six Organs Of Admittance remains at the forefront of contemporary experimental music.


Six Organs Of Admittance
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