Stefan Goldmann

Stefan Goldmann (1978) is a Berlin-based producer and DJ. He began his career at the Classic label in 2001, before going on to work with renowned labels such as Perlon, Innervisions, and Ovum. In 2007, Goldmann founded his own label Macro, which has since become a platform for his unique musical vision.

Goldmann's sound is characterized by its experimental nature and intricate production techniques. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres and artists including Giacinto Scelsi and Kassem Mosse, he creates immersive sonic landscapes that challenge traditional notions of electronic music.

With an extensive discography spanning over two decades, Goldmann has established himself as a respected figure in the underground music scene. His performances are known for their energy and technical prowess, captivating audiences around the world.


Stefan Goldmann
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