Supergrass is an English alternative rock band from Oxford. They were active from 1993-2010 and reformed in 2019 for live touring and a box set. The band was formed by Gaz, Mick, and Danny, with Gaz's older brother joining in 2002. During a brief hiatus in 2008, Danny and Gaz performed as a duo called The Hot Rats, while also playing as Diamond Hoo Ha Men. All members went on to have solo careers or collaborate with each other.

The band initially came together when two members of The Jennifers joined forces with Gaz after meeting at a pub where they all worked part-time. Supergrass gained popularity throughout the '90s and early 2000s with their unique sound that blended alternative rock with Britpop influences.

In addition to their successful albums like "I Should Coco" and "In It for the Money," Supergrass recorded an abandoned seventh album in 2009 that has never been released. Despite some internal conflicts, the band remains highly regarded for their energetic live performances and catchy songs.


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