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The Dead Weather

"The Dead Weather" is a band that came together in 2008 through the creative directions of its members. They formed after an impromptu jam session at Jack White's Third Man studio in Nashville. The foursome quickly found common ground and began writing and recording music on the spot. Their debut album, "Horehound," was released in 2009 and received critical acclaim. Led by Alison Mosshart on vocals, Dean Fertita on various instruments, Jack Lawrence on bass, and Jack White on drums and guitar, "The Dead Weather" has become a refreshing force in the music industry.

Alison Mosshart, also known as VV, brings her unique compositional style and delivery to many of the band's lyrics. Dean Fertita showcases his multi-instrumentalist skills by playing guitar, bass, organ, piano, synth, and providing backing vocals. Jack Lawrence contributes with his talent for playing bass, guitar, drums, and backing vocals. Lastly, Jack White adds his unmistakable style of lead guitar while also taking up drumming duties and providing lead and backing vocals.

The band made their debut performance at Third Man HQ in Nashville in March 2009 before releasing their first single "Hang You From The Heavens" from their album "Horehound." This album was highly anticipated and marked a significant moment in musical history during 2009. In addition to their success with this album release, they


The Dead Weather
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