The Ducks

Major UK 70's pub rock band with later come back stints. Ex-members of various bands formed The Ducks in September 1972 and recruited drummer [drummer name]. Their first public appearance was at the Tally Ho, Kentish Town, London, October 1972. A new bassist joined at Christmas 1972 and a pianist was added in November 1973.

The Ducks were a prominent pub rock band from the UK during the 70s. Comprised of talented musicians who had previously played in different bands, they came together in September 1972 to form The Ducks. With their energetic performances and unique sound, they quickly gained popularity. Their debut show took place at the Tally Ho in Kentish Town, London in October 1972. Over time, the band underwent some changes with new members joining on bass and piano.

Despite disbanding at times, The Ducks made successful comebacks throughout their career. They left a lasting impact on the pub rock scene and continue to be remembered for their contributions to British music history.


The Ducks
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