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The Early November

The Early November is an American rock band formed in New Jersey. Led by Arthur "Ace" Enders on vocals and guitar, the band also includes Joseph Marro on guitar, keyboard, and piano, Bill Lugg on guitar, Sergio Anello on bass, and Jeff Kummer on drums. With their unique blend of alternative rock and emo influences, The Early November has gained a loyal following since their formation in 1999. Their heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies have made them a staple in the music scene.

Arthur "Ace" Enders brings his soulful vocals and skilled guitar playing to the forefront of The Early November's sound. Joseph Marro adds depth with his mastery of multiple instruments including guitar, keyboard, and piano. Bill Lugg's intricate guitar work adds texture to the band's songs while Sergio Anello holds down the low end with his solid bass lines. Jeff Kummer provides the driving force behind The Early November's music with his powerful drumming.

With several albums under their belt including "The Room's Too Cold" and "In Currents," The Early November continues to captivate audiences with their honest songwriting and energetic live performances. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to their music, The Early November offers a unique musical experience that will leave you wanting more.


The Early November
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