The League of Gentlemen

The League of Gentlemen is a band that was founded by Robert Fripp in 1980 and disbanded the same year. The band consisted of Barry Andrews on organ, Robert Fripp on guitar, Sara Lee on bass guitar, and Johnny Toobad on drums. However, Johnny Too-Bad left the band in November 22nd and was replaced by Kevin Wilkinson.

With their unique blend of musical talent and creative vision, The League of Gentlemen quickly made a name for themselves in the music industry. Their first LP liner notes provide insight into their early days as they began rehearsing in March 19th.

Inspired by various artists such as Reece Shearsmith, Henning Wehn, Jack Dee, Paul Foot, Andy Parsons, Have I Got News For You, Greg Davies, Jo Brand and many more; The League of Gentlemen's music captures the essence of their influences while also showcasing their own distinctive sound.


The League of Gentlemen
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