The Rezillos

The Rezillos is a Scottish band that was active between 1976-1979 and has been sporadically performing since 2001. Formed in Edinburgh, the band consisted of Alan Forbes (later Eugene Reynolds) on drums and vocals, Dave Smythe (later Dr. D.K. Smythe) on bass, Jo Callis (later Luke Warm) on lead guitar and vocals, and Mark Harris (later 'Hi-Fi' Harris) on rhythm guitar and vocals. They gained popularity with their unique image and aliases, eventually expanding to an eight-piece lineup including Fay Fife, Gail Warning, Angel Paterson, and William Mysterious. After reformation in the early 2000s, The Rezillos continue to tour regularly with their current lineup.

Reformed in the early 2000's The Rezillos have had several releases since and now tour regularly with the current line up of originals: Eugene Reynolds, Fay Fife, Angel Paterson along with Chris Agnew on bass and Jim Brady on guitar.

For more information about The Rezillos' follow-up band established in 1979 by Eugene Reynolds and Fay Fife called "The Revillos," please visit [url=]here[/url].


The Rezillos
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