The Selecter

The Selecter is a 2 Tone ska group that was formed in 1979 in Coventry, England. After releasing their second album, the original band split up in 1981.

In 1991, Neol Davies and Pauline Black reformed The Selecter with new musicians and toured with their classic repertoire. Two years later, Neol Davis left, leaving Pauline Black to lead The Selecter through the 90's up to 2004 with the help of original Producer Roger Lomas.

In 2010, Davies started a new band and began performing as 'Neol Davies aka The Selecter', while Pauline Black reunited with Arthur "Gaps" Hendrickson to record a new Selecter album titled 'Made In Britain' and resumed touring. They continue to perform together to this day.


The Selecter
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