Thee Headcoats

Thee Headcoats is the band moniker for Billy Childish, a prolific garage rock artist from Kent, England. With a career spanning several decades, Childish has consistently produced raw and unadorned garage rock music. Starting with the mod-punk group Pop Rivets in 1979, he went on to form Thee Mighty Caesars before establishing Thee Headcoats as his primary outlet for straightforward rock & roll. Known for their energetic live performances, Thee Headcoats have released numerous albums and even paid tribute to Bo Diddley with their album "Bo in Thee Garage". Despite disbanding in 2000, tracks from the band continue to be released.

Throughout his career, Billy Childish has been involved in various creative endeavors beyond music. He is also a poet, painter, producer, and publisher. His influence on the garage rock genre can still be felt today with bands like the Hives and the White Stripes embracing similar sounds.

Thee Headcoats' discography includes notable releases such as "Beached Earls", which combines two vinyl albums into one CD release, and live efforts like "Live! At the Wild Western Room" featuring not only Thee Headcoats but also all-girl group Thee Headcoatees. Additionally, under the name Thee Stash, they have released cover versions of Clash songs.


Thee Headcoats
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