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These New Puritans

These New Puritans are a British art rock band founded in 2006 from Southend-on-Sea. The band consists mainly of *Jack Barnett* (songwriter, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist) and his twin brother *George Barnett* (multi-instrumentalist). Their unique sound is characterized by a blend of piano, singing, sound design (*Jack Barnett*) and drums, percussion, glass (*George Barnett*). Former members include Sophie Sleigh-Johnson on keyboards and sampler (2006-2010), Thomas Hein on bass guitar, roto-toms, keyboards, percussion (2006-2016), and Elisa Rodrigues who provided vocals as a featured artist on their album Field Of Reeds.

Influenced by an array of artists including 'The Horrors', 'Wild Beasts', 'Fuck Buttons', 'Liars', 'Bark Psychosis', 'Gang Gang Dance', 'Julia Holter', 'Xiu Xiu', 'Tim Hecker', 'Savages', 'Swans', 'Owen Pallett', 'Preoccupations','Dutch Uncles','Iceage','Coil','Oxbow','Fennesz','Richard Dawson'and'Klaxons,' These New Puritans have carved out their own distinct musical identity. With their innovative approach to songwriting and production techniques, they continue to push boundaries within the art rock genre.


These New Puritans
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