Toby Hay

Toby Hay is a talented musician known for his intricate and emotive guitar playing. Hailing from Wales, he draws inspiration from the rich folk traditions of his homeland. With a delicate touch and a deep understanding of melody, Toby creates captivating compositions that transport listeners to another time and place.

His music has been compared to artists such as Jim Ghedi, Gwenifer Raymond, and Nathan Salsburg, who share his passion for storytelling through instrumental music. Toby's unique style blends elements of traditional folk with contemporary influences, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and innovative.

Whether performing solo or collaborating with other musicians, Toby's performances are always mesmerizing. His live shows have earned him a dedicated following and critical acclaim. Fans of Bill MacKay, James Elkington, and Glenn Jones will find much to love in Toby's evocative melodies and masterful technique.


Toby Hay
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