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Vanishing Twin

Vanishing Twin is an eclectic music group formed in 2015 by Cathy Lucas. The band takes its name from Cathy's identical sister who was absorbed in utero. Originally consisting of Lucas, drummer Valentina Magaletti, bassist Susumu Mukai, library music head Phil M.F.U., and visual artist Elliott Arndt, the group creates a unique blend of sounds. Arndt left the group in late 2019, while Phil M.F.U. announced his departure in May 2022.

With influences ranging from psychedelic rock to experimental pop, Vanishing Twin captivates listeners with their mesmerizing melodies and unconventional instrumentation. Led by Lucas' enchanting vocals and supported by Magaletti's rhythmic beats and Mukai's groovy basslines, their music transports audiences to otherworldly realms.

Known for their captivating live performances and thought-provoking visuals, Vanishing Twin continues to push boundaries and defy genres. Their innovative approach to music-making has earned them critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base worldwide.


Vanishing Twin
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