Virgin Prunes

Formed in mid-1977 in Dublin, the Virgin Prunes were known as "the most overtly subversive rock group ever to come out of the genre." Their reputation was built on outrageous stage performances and a unique collection of record releases. Singers Guggi and Dave-iD Busaras, along with guitarist Dik Evans, bassist Strongman, and drummer Pod, released their first single in 1980. The band went through several lineup changes before releasing their album Sons Find Devils in 1998. They released a retrospective video and a compilation album of rarities in 1985. The band disbanded in 1986 after Gavin Friday left to pursue a solo career.

In mid-1977, the Virgin Prunes formed in Dublin and quickly gained a reputation as one of the most subversive rock groups at that time. Known for their outrageous stage performances and unique record releases, they made an impact on the music scene. Over the years, the band experienced several lineup changes but continued to push boundaries with their music.

In 1980, Guggi, Dave-iD Busaras, Dik Evans, Strongman, and Pod released their first single together. Despite facing lineup changes throughout their career, including Mary D'Nellon taking over guitar duties and Pod returning as drummer later on; they managed to release albums such as Sons Find Devils (1998), which had been recorded earlier but not released


Virgin Prunes
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