Virginia Wing

Virginia Wing is a band hailing from Manchester, UK. Comprised of Alice Merida Richards on vocals, bass, sampler, and synth; Sam Pillay on guitar, synth, and sampler; and Sebastian Truskolaski on drums. Known for their unique blend of cyclical repeato-rock, synthetically-manipulated shoegaze, and 90s-inspired hauntology. Their music possesses an innate ability to seemingly pause time and space while maintaining an uninterrupted stillness.

Influenced by artists such as Broadcast and Stereolab, Virginia Wing's sound transcends the sedate school of dream-pop escapism. With their stylistic meditations applied amidst a sense of uninterrupted stillness, they create a captivating musical experience that captivates listeners.

If you enjoy the sounds of Bernice, U.S. Girls, Vanishing Twin or Ulrika Spacek among others - you will find yourself drawn to Virginia Wing's distinctive sound. Explore their discography today!


Virginia Wing
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