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10 Past 12

10 Past 12 Records, sometimes listed as Ten Past Twelve Records, is a renowned music label in the industry. With an authoritative presence, this label has been delivering exceptional music to its audience for years. Despite being mistakenly referred to as 10 Past 10 Records at times, it continues to establish itself as a prominent force in the e-commerce music scene.

Known for its diverse range of artists and genres, 10 Past 12 Records offers a curated selection of music that caters to various tastes. From electronic beats to soulful melodies, their catalog showcases the talent and creativity of both established and emerging artists.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, this label consistently strives to bring fresh sounds and unique perspectives to the forefront. Whether you're a dedicated fan or simply exploring new musical horizons, 10 Past 12 Records is your go-to destination for discovering captivating tunes that will leave you wanting more.


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10 Past 12


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