1972 is a record label that specializes in reissuing ambient, indie, post punk, and new wave music. With a passion for preserving and sharing the rich history of these genres, 1972 carefully selects and remasters *classic albums* from influential artists. By breathing new life into these timeless recordings, they allow listeners to experience the magic of *seminal albums* all over again.

Since its inception, 1972 has become known for its commitment to quality. Each release is meticulously curated and packaged with attention to detail, ensuring that fans receive an authentic and immersive listening experience. From the artwork to the sound quality, every aspect is handled with care to honor the original vision of the *artists*.

With an extensive catalog spanning various decades and styles, 1972 offers something for every music lover. Whether you're a fan of ethereal ambient compositions or energetic post-punk anthems, their diverse selection guarantees there's always something exciting waiting to be discovered. Explore their collection today and uncover hidden gems from some of the most innovative musicians in history.


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