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2nd Drop

2nd Drop Records is a record label that was created in Spring 2007 by two friends who were inspired by the dubstep scene. Over the years, they have expanded their music repertoire to include any genre that sounds good. The label has worked with talented artists such as Jamie Woon, Rusko, Clouds, and LV, and has released remixes from Untold, Fantastic Mr Fox, and Falty DL. With recent releases from LV, DjRUM, Gerry Read, Distal, and Pedestrian 12", 2nd Drop Records continues to thrive.

The label's journey began at Plastic People during a renowned dubstep and grime night called Fwd. Mark Gurney and James Bliss were regular attendees of this event since 2005 when the dubstep scene was still in its early stages. It was here that they developed their passion for bass music and established connections with future stars like Ramadanman, Oneman, Skream, Benga, Distance,and Rusko.

Prior to founding 2nd Drop Records, Mark had been involved in Live Recordings, a youth program where he taught young people how to release records. This project led them to sign Jamie Woon as their final artist before closing down. The collaboration between Jamie Woon and Burial on his single "Wayfaring Stranger" became legendary.


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