30th Century Records

30th Century Records is a music label founded by Danger Mouse in partnership with Columbia Records in 2015. With an impressive roster of talented artists, the label has quickly become a powerhouse in the industry. Known for their innovative and boundary-pushing sound, 30th Century Records continues to release groundbreaking music that captivates audiences worldwide.

Since its inception, 30th Century Records has been committed to supporting and nurturing emerging talent. The label prides itself on providing a platform for artists to express themselves authentically and freely. With a focus on artistic integrity and creative exploration, 30th Century Records consistently delivers music that pushes the boundaries of genre and challenges conventional norms.

With a diverse range of genres represented on their roster, including indie rock, alternative pop, and experimental sounds, 30th Century Records offers something for every music lover. Whether you're searching for catchy hooks or thought-provoking lyrics, this label is sure to have an artist that resonates with you. Explore the world of 30th Century Records today and discover your new favorite sound.


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30th Century Records


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