ABKCO Records is a music label that was formed in 1968 by Allen Klein, a prominent figure in the music industry. It is part of ABKCO Music & Records, Inc., which was founded in 1961 as Allen Klein & Company. Known for managing artists like Bobby Darin and Sam Cooke, Klein later went on to manage The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

ABKCO Records primarily focuses on re-releasing recordings from its extensive catalog of music rights. In 1968, Allen Klein acquired Cameo-Parkway Records, and ABKCO still owns the full catalogue of this label today. Additionally, ABKCO owns and/or administers the rights to music by renowned artists such as Sam Cooke, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Herman's Hermits, Marianne Faithfull, and The Kinks.

Although Allen Klein passed away in 2009 from Alzheimer's Disease, ABKCO Records remains under the ownership of the Klein family. Currently managed by his son Jody Klein and distributed through Universal Music Group, the label continues to preserve and share iconic musical works with audiences worldwide.


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