Acid Jazz

Acid Jazz is a British label that was established in 1987 by Eddie Piller and Gilles Peterson. Although Peterson left in 1989 to form Talkin' Loud, the label continued to thrive under the management of Dean Rudland. The name 'Acid Jazz' was a playful response to the popular 'acid house' movement of the late 80s. Despite its name, Acid Jazz produced records that were not necessarily jazz or acid music, but they quickly became synonymous with 90s style and sophistication. In fact, the term 'acid jazz' began being used to describe any record with a similar vibe. Today, Acid Jazz remains an influential force in the music industry.

Eddie Piller

Gilles Peterson

Dean Rudland


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Acid Jazz


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Album artwork for Love Oh Love by Leroy Hutson

Love Oh Love

Leroy Hutson

£12.99 - £27.99

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The Summoned

Mama Terra

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Hutson 11

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The Wanderer


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Album artwork for Three by X Press 2


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The Small Hours

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Album artwork for So Wonderful by Gloria Scott

So Wonderful

Gloria Scott

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