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ATCO Records started as a sub-label of Atlantic Records and later became a subsidiary of East West Records America. Under the leadership of label president Sylvia Rhone, ATCO was temporarily folded into Elektra Records. In 2004, Elektra Records was shut down but in 2008, ATCO Records reemerged as a subsidiary of Rhino Records, Warner Music's reissue label. The new titles released by ATCO are often reproductions with the original label featuring an *ATCO* sticker for authenticity.

From January 1967 to the end of 1968, Atlantic Labels including ATCO had their pressing plant codes added to the Master numbers on labels. However, there were variations in label printing depending on the pressing plant used. In 1968, a set 'radius print standard' was established for all plants except Shelly Products.

The label name appears as "ATCO" only from 1968 onwards. For unofficial or bootleg copies of this label, please refer to *ATCO*.


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