Basin Rock

Basin Rock is a record label based in Todmorden, UK. With a focus on promoting *local talent* and supporting independent artists, Basin Rock has become a prominent player in the music industry. Since its establishment, the label has released an impressive catalogue of *diverse and innovative music*, spanning various genres including rock, folk, and alternative. Basin Rock prides itself on providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their unique sound and connect with audiences worldwide.

Driven by a passion for quality music, Basin Rock works closely with its roster of talented musicians to produce exceptional albums that resonate with listeners. The label's dedication to nurturing creativity and fostering artistic growth has resulted in numerous critically acclaimed releases that have garnered attention both locally and internationally.

With an extensive network of distribution partners, Basin Rock ensures that its *impressive roster* reaches fans across the globe. From intimate gigs at local venues to major festivals and tours, the label's artists are known for delivering captivating live performances that leave audiences wanting more.


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