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BBR is a British label that specializes in reissuing classic albums. Their releases are part of the BBR Remasters series, which are presented in a Super Jewel Box with the BBR Remaster wording printed on the rear inlay card. These reissues often include bonus tracks such as extended, instrumental, and remixed versions of the lead and other singles from the album.

The attention to detail and high-quality packaging make BBR's releases stand out. The Super Jewel Box design allows for a unique window on the left-hand side of the rear inlay card, showcasing the BBR Remaster wording. This adds an extra touch of elegance to each release.

Fans can expect to find not only remastered versions of beloved albums but also additional content that enhances their listening experience. The inclusion of bonus tracks offers fans a chance to explore different versions and variations of their favorite songs.


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