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Beggars Banquet

Founded in 1977 by Martin Mills and Nick Austin, Beggars Banquet is a renowned UK indie label that has made its mark on the music industry. It all began with the release of two 7" singles by punk band The Lurkers. Since then, Beggars Banquet has evolved to encompass a diverse range of genres including punk, goth, synth-pop, folk-rock, and indie. With an impressive portfolio of spin-off labels such as 4AD, Situation Two, City Beat, and XL Recordings under its belt, Beggars Banquet has become part of the esteemed Beggars Group – one of the largest networks of indie record labels worldwide.

In April 2008, Beggars Group made the decision to retire the iconic Beggars Banquet imprint. However, key artists were seamlessly transitioned to another notable label within their roster – 4AD. This strategic move ensured that these talented musicians continued to receive the support and recognition they deserved.

Beyond their musical endeavors, it's worth noting that Beggars Banquet operates with utmost professionalism. Their business registration number is 1414047 and VAT number is 340 1066 10. These details further exemplify their commitment to transparency and excellence in all aspects of their operations.


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