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Brownswood Recordings is a British label that was started in 2006 by Gilles Peterson. It originated from the Brownswood Records imprint, which was a side-label of Talkin' Loud (part of Mercury). The label draws inspiration from the Brownswood Basement sessions that Gilles did on his BBC Radio 1 'Worldwide' show. These sessions showcased modern jazz-influenced dancefloor music and continue to inspire newer musicians and producers today. Brownswood Recordings serves as an outlet for artists who are unique or overlooked by other labels, providing them with a space to release their work.

The label also features projects such as Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band and Sonzeira, which are influenced by Cuban and Brazilian music respectively.

With its commitment to showcasing diverse talent and nurturing creativity, Brownswood Recordings has become an influential force in the music industry since its establishment.


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Brownswood Recordings


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