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Cafe Royal Books

Cafe Royal Books is a project of artistic exchange between four French artists/graphic designers who live in different cities. It is an online space for sharing and discussing each other's work, as well as a biannual original self-published hand-made zine. Cafe Royal Books has had numerous launches, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and has participated in various events/fairs/festivals. Their work has been featured in press publications and blogs such as ANT Fashion Magazine and Vogue.

1/2 is Laure Boer, Anne-Pauline Mabire, Lucie Pindat and Chloé Thomas. They are based in Berlin, Caen, Paris and Vienna respectively. Despite their geographical differences, 1/2 continues to create art together through their online platform and zines.

Over the years, Cafe Royal Books has showcased their work at various venues around the world including Le Bon Accueil in Rennes and Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi. They have also participated in events like C/O Berlin Book Days and Vienna Photo Book Festival. Their unique approach to artistry has garnered attention from notable publications such as Gestalten's "Behind the Zines" book.


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