Candid is an American jazz label from New York that was founded in late 1960. It started as a subsidiary of Cadence Records and released its first albums in January 1961. Led by Bob Altshuler and produced by Nat Hentoff, Candid issued about 30 LPs before coming to an end in late 1961.

However, nearly three decades later, Alan Bates, the owner of London-based Black Lion label, revived the name Candid Records. In 1989, he renamed his own label to Candid Records and began reissuing all the classic titles from the original Candid label.

Today, Candid is an independent and award-winning UK jazz label. It has gained recognition for its exceptional catalog of jazz music. Distributed by ZYX Music in Germany since 1995, Candid continues to bring forth outstanding jazz recordings to audiences worldwide.


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Album artwork for Rights Of Swing by Phil Woods

Rights Of Swing

Phil Woods

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Album artwork for Tenorlee by Lee Konitz


Lee Konitz

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Album artwork for Mingus by Charles Mingus


Charles Mingus

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