Carpark is an independent record label based in Washington, D.C. with a focus on electronic, experimental and synth-pop sounds. Founded in New York City in 1999, Carpark has been a prominent player in the music industry for over two decades. Since its relocation to D.C. in 2005, the label has continued to nurture and promote innovative artists who push boundaries and challenge conventions.

With a diverse roster of talented musicians, Carpark has become synonymous with cutting-edge music that defies categorization. From *Toro y Moi*'s dreamy electro-pop to *Speedy Ortiz*'s raw indie rock, each artist on the label brings their own unique style and perspective to the table.

As an influential force in the music scene, Carpark consistently releases groundbreaking albums that captivate listeners worldwide. With their finger on the pulse of emerging trends and sounds, they have earned a reputation for discovering exciting new talent before anyone else.


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Album artwork for Jump Rope Gazers by The Beths

Jump Rope Gazers

The Beths

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Harm's Way by Ducks Ltd

Harm's Way

Ducks Ltd

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Do Your Worst by Erin Anne

Do Your Worst

Erin Anne

£12.99 - £24.99

Album artwork for Major Arcana by Speedy Ortiz

Major Arcana

Speedy Ortiz

£14.99 - £17.99

Album artwork for Prom King by Skylar Spence

Prom King

Skylar Spence

£12.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Warm Blood by The Beths

Warm Blood

The Beths

£15.99 - £17.99

Album artwork for Modern Fiction by Ducks Ltd

Modern Fiction

Ducks Ltd

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Boo Boo by Toro Y Moi

Boo Boo

Toro Y Moi

£14.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for hipernatural by Melati ESP


Melati ESP

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Twerp Verse by Speedy Ortiz

Twerp Verse

Speedy Ortiz

£11.99 - £19.99

Album artwork for Late Checkout by Dent May

Late Checkout

Dent May

£11.99 - £17.99

Album artwork for Exotica by Fat Tony


Fat Tony

£12.99 - £18.99

Album artwork for No Drama by Hans Pucket

No Drama

Hans Pucket

£11.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Foil Deer by Speedy Ortiz

Foil Deer

Speedy Ortiz

£14.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for What For? by Toro Y Moi

What For?

Toro Y Moi

£6.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Kill the One You Love by Gems

Kill the One You Love


£12.99 - £18.99

Album artwork for Still Life by Young Magic

Still Life

Young Magic

£5.99 - £17.99

Album artwork for Woodpecker by Deer Scout


Deer Scout

£12.99 - £24.99