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Daptone is a label that specializes in hard funk, soul, and afrobeat music by current artists. It was formed by musicians and producers from the now defunct 1990s funk revival pioneer label Desco Records. The label is run by Gabriel Roth (also known as Bosco Mann) and Neal Sugarman. Daptone is home to renowned artists such as Sharon Jones, The Dap-Kings, Lee Fields, Sugarman 3, Antibalas, The Mighty Imperials, and others.

Most of Daptone's seven inch singles feature a generic blue record label. However, all singles are produced in limited quantities of 1000 - 2000 copies. In some cases where titles are highly sought after and sell out quickly, a second press run with a red colored label may be done.

Mikey Post oversees Direct Sales & Distribution at Daptone and explains that their releases have been continuously available since February 2019. While records released prior to 2009 did not include barcodes initially, they still use the original 'Mother' plates for pressing new copies today. There may be slight variations in the color of labels over the years due to printing on an offset machine with stock paper.


Product type


Release Date

Most Relevant
Album artwork for Caracoles by Orquesta Akokan


Orquesta Akokan

£11.99 - £23.99

Album artwork for V by The Budos Band


The Budos Band

£14.99 - £18.99

Album artwork for Always by The Frightnrs


The Frightnrs

£12.99 - £22.99

Album artwork for All My Relations by Cochemea

All My Relations


£14.99 - £19.99

Album artwork for Changes by Charles Bradley


Charles Bradley

£14.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for Fu Chronicles by Antibalas

Fu Chronicles


£14.99 - £19.99