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Dark Entries

Dark Entries is a record label based in San Francisco, California, USA. Established in 2009 by an individual with a passion for music, Dark Entries specializes in offering a diverse range of out of print, unreleased, and contemporary underground music. With a focus on bringing unique and obscure sounds to the forefront, this label has become synonymous with quality and innovation.

At Dark Entries, we pride ourselves on our commitment to showcasing artists who push boundaries and challenge traditional norms. Our catalog features an eclectic mix of genres including post-punk, synth-pop, industrial, disco, and more. We strive to provide music enthusiasts with access to rare gems that are not easily found elsewhere.

With an unwavering dedication to preserving musical history while also nurturing emerging talent, Dark Entries continues to be at the forefront of the independent music scene. Our mission is simple: to share *hidden treasures* from the past alongside cutting-edge releases from today's most exciting artists. Join us on this sonic journey as we explore the depths of underground music together.


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