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Dark Horse Records was founded by George Harrison in the mid '70s, making him the first member of The Beatles to venture back into the record business in a solo capacity. While primarily home to Harrison's own recordings, Dark Horse achieved major chart success with duo Splinter and their hit 'Costafine Town' in 1974. Even after Harrison left EMI and signed to Warner Bros Records in the '80s, Dark Horse continued to thrive as his solo albums carried its logo. In early 2020, the label was relaunched by Harrison's son Dhani and manager David Zonshine through a global partnership with BMG.

Throughout its history, Dark Horse Records has been synonymous with quality music that transcends genres. From George Harrison's iconic solo work to supporting emerging artists like Splinter, the label has consistently delivered timeless music that resonates with listeners worldwide.

The legacy of Dark Horse Records continues today under the leadership of Dhani Harrison and David Zonshine. With a renewed vision and global partnership with BMG, they are committed to preserving the label's rich heritage while championing new talent from around the world. As Dark Horse embarks on this exciting new chapter, music lovers can expect nothing less than exceptional artistry and unparalleled creativity.


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Dark Horse Records


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