Death Waltz

Founded in 2011 by a music industry veteran, Death Waltz Recording Company is a soundtrack label that specializes in releasing vinyl, CD, and digital formats. With a focus on working closely with renowned composers and directors like John Carpenter and Richard Kelly, the label delivers brand new audio re-masters and sleeve notes. Additionally, Death Waltz commissions exclusive artwork from talented artists for each project.

Each release from Death Waltz is pressed on high-quality 180g colored vinyl and comes with posters and prints of the unique artwork. The albums are housed in heavyweight tip-on jackets to ensure durability. In addition to offering standard issue releases in record stores worldwide through distributors F-Minor & Light In The Attic, the label's webshop also sells exclusive variant colors of its vinyl.

With its commitment to providing exceptional sound quality, stunning visuals, and limited edition releases, Death Waltz has become a go-to destination for soundtrack enthusiasts and collectors alike.


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Death Waltz


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