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Decca Classics, also known as Decca Records, is a multinational label that has been at the forefront of the music industry since its formation in 1929 by Edward Lewis. Originally founded for Brunswick Ltd., Decca quickly gained recognition for releasing records under its own trademark. In 1934, a US branch called Decca Records, Inc. was launched and became known for its iconic sunburst design. Although the UK and US companies were sold off during World War II, they continued to release each other's recordings in their respective territories.

Throughout its history, Decca formed partnerships with various companies and labels around the world. In 1935, it contracted with EMI companies in Australia, New Zealand, India, and elsewhere to release UK & US Decca recordings in those territories. The company also established the London Records trademark in the US and other regions where it couldn't use the Decca name.

In later years, Decca underwent several changes in ownership and rebranding efforts. Following MCA's acquisition of US Decca in the early 1960s, releases began appearing under the name "Decca Records," A Division Of MCA, Inc., which later changed to MCA Records, Inc. In 1973.

Despite facing challenges during different eras of music trends like punk rock and classical decline during the '70s ,Decca remained resilient as a leading label for both classical music and Broadway


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