Eagle is a British label that operates as a division of Universal Music Group. With a rich history in the music industry, Eagle has established itself as a prominent player in the e-commerce market. Known for its diverse range of genres and artists, *Eagle* offers an extensive catalog of music for enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.

As part of Universal Music Group, *Eagle* benefits from the expertise and resources of one of the world's leading music companies. This allows them to provide fans with high-quality recordings from both established acts and emerging talents. Whether you're into rock, pop, jazz, or classical music, *Eagle* has something for everyone.

With their commitment to delivering exceptional sound quality and memorable performances, *Eagle* continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Their dedication to preserving musical legacies can be seen through their impressive collection of live concert recordings and documentaries. Discover your new favorite artist or relive iconic moments in music history with *Eagle's* vast selection.


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