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Started by a prestigious group of librarians and archivists from around the globe, Earth Libraries was originally formed to ensure protection of the world's knowledge and social history during times of war.

While the group kept their identities unknown, its members are widely associated with the forming of ethnomusicology—the study of music from the cultural and social perspectives of the people who make it. With participation in over 20 countries, the number of chapters peaked in the 1960s. Unfortunately, this once bright light quickly faded due to global political change and funding cuts in the decades that followed. As the 20th century came to an end, Earth Libraries existed in relative obscurity, including a brief period as a mail order catalog during which time the organization sold many of its assets to fund operations.

Nearly 50 years after its creation, Earth Libraries has resurfaced as a new global group of musicologists exploring underground and experimental music. Now functioning as a music label, it focuses on strong artist relationships and technology.


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