Elefant is a Spanish indie pop record label that was founded in 1989 by Luis Calvo and his partner Esther Regueira. Since its inception, Elefant has been at the forefront of the indie pop scene, consistently releasing high-quality music from talented artists. With a focus on promoting independent and alternative music, Elefant has become a respected name in the industry.

As an influential label, Elefant has made significant contributions to the music world. They have released numerous albums and singles from both established and emerging artists, showcasing their commitment to supporting talent across all stages of their careers. Their dedication to nurturing creativity and originality sets them apart from other labels.

With *LC20216* as their label code, Elefant ensures that all digital releases have serial numbers for easy identification. To access these releases or learn more about the label's extensive catalog, please visit their official website. For company credits since 1993, refer to *l474857*, while publishing credits are attributed to *l384769* (officially known as Elefant Publishing S.L.).


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Album artwork for :3 by Axolotes Mexicanos


Axolotes Mexicanos

£15.99 - £24.99

Album artwork for Day-Glo Dreams by Helen Love

Day-Glo Dreams

Helen Love

£14.99 - £21.99