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Etage Noir Recordings is a label for electronic (dance) music founded in 2004 by Marcus Füreder, also known as Parov Stelar. With a passion for creating innovative and captivating sounds, Etage Noir has become a prominent force in the music industry. The label prides itself on discovering and nurturing talented artists who push boundaries and challenge conventions.

Etage Noir's catalog boasts an impressive roster of *artists* who have made significant contributions to the electronic music scene. From infectious beats to soulful melodies, each release showcases the label's commitment to delivering high-quality productions that captivate listeners worldwide.

With a focus on both established acts and emerging talent, Etage Noir continues to shape the future of electronic music. By providing a platform for creativity and artistic expression, the label has fostered an environment where musicians can thrive and audiences can discover new sounds that resonate with their souls.


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