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Father/Daughter Records is an independent record label formed in 2010 by Jessi Frick and her father, Ken Hector. With a passion for supporting emerging artists, Father/Daughter Records has quickly become a respected name in the music industry. The label focuses on releasing *unique and diverse* music that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions.

Since its inception, Father/Daughter Records has released critically acclaimed albums from a wide range of talented artists. From indie rock to folk to pop, the label's roster showcases *innovative musicians* who are making waves in their respective genres.

Not only does Father/Daughter Records provide a platform for these artists to share their art with the world, but they also prioritize creating a supportive and inclusive community within the music industry. Through their commitment to fostering talent and promoting diversity, Father/Daughter Records continues to make a lasting impact on both artists and listeners alike.


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Father / Daughter Records


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