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Fitzcarraldo Editions is a renowned music label that has been in operation since 1952. Originally founded by Hans Wewerka, the label has worked with talented songwriters and musicians such as *Klaus Doldinger*, *Stephan Massimo*, *Andreas Köbner*, and many more. Their extensive catalogue boasts over 5,000 titles, including rock music from albums like "Rock Ballads" and "Herman Ze German and Friends - Stings Like a Scorpion". In addition to their impressive music collection, Fitzcarraldo Editions also holds the rights to soundtracks from notable films like "Fitzcarraldo", "Nosferatu", and "Three Wishes for Cinderella". The label's jazz repertoire is equally noteworthy, featuring interpretations by legendary artists such as Mal Waldron, Dusko Goykovich, Albert Mangelsdorff, Heinz Sauer, Günter Lenz, and Ralph Hübner.

One of Fitzcarraldo Editions' notable achievements lies in its contribution to TV series. With an impressive library of music from over 400 shows including popular ones like "Ein Fall für Zwei", "Wolffs Revier", and "Derrick", the label has made a significant impact on the television industry. Additionally, they have collaborated on publishing catalogues for various works ranging from animated series like "Krtek the Mole" to


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