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Habibi Funk

Habibi Funk is a German label dedicated to showcasing the vibrant and diverse music from north Africa and the Near and Middle East. Founded by Jannis Stürtz and Malte Kraus, the label has become known for its authoritative curation of rare and obscure gems from these regions. With a focus on preserving cultural heritage while also introducing new audiences to these captivating sounds, Habibi Funk Records offers a unique musical journey that transcends borders.

As an influential force in the music industry, Habibi Funk has gained recognition for its meticulous selection of artists and albums. The label's commitment to quality is evident in their releases, which span various genres such as funk, soul, disco, jazz, and traditional folk music. By bridging the gap between past and present, Habibi Funk invites listeners to explore rich musical traditions while embracing contemporary influences.

It is important not to confuse Habibi Funk with the artist Jannis' moniker/alias [a8580660]. While both share a passion for music exploration, Habibi Funk Records stands as an independent entity focused solely on curating exceptional sounds from north Africa and the Near and Middle East. With their distinctive approach to showcasing hidden treasures, this label continues to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide.


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