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Heavenly is a renowned music label that was founded in 1989 by Jeff Barrett, former press officer of Creation Records. With the addition of Martin Kelly and Robin Turner, Heavenly has become not only a record label but also a management and promotions company. While their releases have been distributed by various companies over the years, including Columbia Records and Deconstruction, Heavenly became part of the EMI Music Group from 2000 to 2009. Since 2010, their releases have been licensed to and distributed by various labels.

In addition to their music releases, Heavenly has allocated catalog numbers for non-music projects such as sculptures, exhibitions, books, merchandising catalogs, club events, and more. These unique projects showcase the diverse creative endeavors that Heavenly supports.

With an impressive history spanning over three decades in the music industry, Heavenly continues to be a driving force in discovering and promoting talented artists across different genres.


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