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Holy Roar

Holy Roar is a London-based independent record label that specializes in punk and hardcore music. Established in January 2006, the label was founded by Alex Fitzpatrick and has since released numerous albums and EPs. With a focus on promoting underground talent, Holy Roar has become known for its commitment to supporting emerging artists.

Over the years, Holy Roar has built a reputation for its dedication to the punk and hardcore scenes. The label's passion for these genres is evident in their diverse roster of *bands* who bring raw energy and powerful messages to their music. From intense guitar riffs to hard-hitting lyrics, Holy Roar releases showcase the best of punk and hardcore.

In recent times, Holy Roar faced challenges when allegations of sexual assault were made against Alex Fitzpatrick on September 8, 2020. As a result, many bands and employees associated with the label decided to part ways immediately. While this incident had an impact on the label's operations, it does not diminish the contributions that Holy Roar made to the punk and hardcore communities over its history.


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