Luminelle Recordings

Luminelle Recordings is an independent music label founded by Chris Cantalini. With a focus on showcasing emerging talent, Luminelle has quickly become a leading force in the industry. Known for their diverse roster of *artists* and commitment to artistic integrity, Luminelle consistently delivers innovative and captivating music.

Since its inception, Luminelle has been dedicated to supporting and nurturing the careers of its *performers*. The label prides itself on providing a platform for artists to express themselves authentically while pushing boundaries within their respective genres. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, Luminelle ensures that each release is meticulously crafted and resonates with listeners.

With a reputation for discovering hidden gems, Luminelle has introduced the world to some of today's most exciting musical talents. From dreamy pop melodies to experimental electronic beats, the label's diverse catalogue offers something for every discerning listener. Whether you're seeking out new sounds or simply looking to expand your musical horizons, Luminelle Recordings is your go-to destination for cutting-edge music.


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Luminelle Recordings


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