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Luv N Haight

Luv N Haight is an American reissue and compilation label that specializes in bringing back timeless music from the past. With a focus on soul, funk, and jazz genres, this label has become a go-to destination for music enthusiasts looking to discover or rediscover *classic artists* and performers.

As a respected authority in the industry, Luv N Haight ensures that each release is carefully curated and remastered to maintain the integrity of the original recordings. Whether you're searching for rare gems or iconic albums, this label offers an extensive catalog that caters to all musical tastes.

With its dedication to preserving musical history, Luv N Haight has gained recognition as a trusted source for high-quality reissues. Explore their collection today and immerse yourself in the rich sounds of *legendary musicians* who have shaped the landscape of soul, funk, and jazz.


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Luv N Haight


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